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Honda’s Suzuka 8 Hours Challenge ③ 2000 - 2009

Honda’s Suzuka 8 Hours Challenge ③ 2000 - 2009

2000 VTR1000SPW

Tohru Ukawa / Daijiro Kato

Honda introduces the 1000cc V2-powered VTR1000SPW. Valentino Rossi (/ Colin Edwards, VTR1000SPW) leads his debut race, but crashes. Tohru Ukawa / Daijiro Kato (VTR1000SPW) take the top spot to give Honda its fourth consecutive Suzuka 8 Hours win.



Valentino Rossi / Colin Edwards / Manabu Kamata

Surviving the frantic early stages, Valentino Rossi / Colin Edwards / Manabu Kamada (VTR1000SPW) and Tadayuki Okada / Alex Barros / Shinichi Itoh (VTR1000SPW) emerge as the contenders. Barros’ mistake while handing over the bike for the last time costs the team 30 seconds, giving Edwards the win.



Daijiro Kato / Colin Edwards

On a six-stop strategy, Daijiro Kato / Colin Edwards (VTR1000SPW) leads Makoto Tamada / Tadayuki Okada (VTR1000SPW). In the late stages, third-place Alex Barros (VTR1000SPW) charges in the rain, but has to settle for third.



Manabu Kamata / Yukio Nukumi

Nicky Hayden / Ryuichi Kiyonari (VTR1000SPW) slip on oil, crashing out on Lap 2. Manabu Kamata / Yukio Nukumi (VTR1000SPW) take the lead on the seventh hour mark, giving Honda its seventh consecutive Suzuka 8 Hours win.


2004  CBR1000RR

Tohru Ukawa / Hitoyasu Izutsu

Tohru Ukawa / Hitoyasu Izutsu (CBR1000RRW) take the lead soon after the race starts. As contenders crash and retire, Tohru Ukawa / Hitoyasu Izutsu maintain a solid lead to win.



Ryuichi Kiyonari / Tohru Ukawa

Ryuichi Kiyonari / Tohru Ukawa (CBR1000RRW) take the lead after a solid start. Light rain during the race was no concern as Ryuichi Kiyonari / Tohru Ukawa rode a perfect race to victory. Ukawa sets a new record of five Suzuka 8 Hours wins.



Takeshi Tsujimura / Shinichi Itoh

Ryuichi Kiyonari / Makoto Tamada (CBR1000RRW) led the early stages, but an unplanned pit stop on Lap 16 handed the lead, and victory, to Takeshi Tsujimura / Shinichi Itoh (CBR1000RR).


Pole-sitter Tadayuki Okada (/Carlos Checa, CBR1000RRW) was given a 30 second stop penalty due to a start procedure violation. Determined to regain lost time, they were back up to second by Lap 107, but were unable to catch race leader Yukio Kagayama / Kousuke Akiyoshi (Suzuki).



Ryuichi Kiyonari / Carlos Checa

WSB Teammates Ryuichi Kiyonari / Carlos Checa (CBR1000RRW) lead the early stages after a solid start. Mid-race light rain and Checa’s penalty stop were not enough to keep the team from winning.


Race favorites Kousuke Akiyoshi / Shinichi Itoh (CBR1000RRW) led the early stages from pole position, but fell. After four safety car interventions due to showers, Daisaku Sakai / Kazuki Tokudome / Nobuatsu Aoki (Suzuki) went on to win.

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