MotoGP 2023
Round 19

Marquez Fights for Top Ten, Mir Builds Confidence with Points

qa Lusail International Circuit

Another exciting race under the Lusail floodlights as the Repsol Honda Team earned a double point scoring finish with Marc Marquez and Joan Mir battling until the very end.

Marquez Fights for Top Ten, Mir Builds Confidence with Points

Almost every lap of the 22-lap Qatar Grand Prix saw a flurry of hard passes up and down the grid, the Repsol Honda Team pairing of Marc Marquez and Joan Mir featuring throughout. Rocketing off the line as in the Sprint, Marc Marquez immediately put himself into the mix as he exited Turn One in fifth place. Defending as hard as ever, the eight-time World Champion held his own in the opening laps of the race. As the competition heated up, the #93 found himself under increasing pressure from those behind as the likes of Binder and Viñales hounded him.

Initially dropping back, Marquez rallied in the closing stages of the race to fight with championship contender Jorge Martin for tenth position. Martin’s teammate Zarco joined their battle, Marquez fortunate to avoid crashing after a big impact from the French rider in the final lap. 0.1s shy of Martin at the line, Marquez gave his all until the chequered flag and took 11th place.

On the other side of the Repsol Honda Team garage, Joan Mir was able to put together a solid recovery from 20th on the grid. Getting a solid launch as the lights went out, Mir was immediately able to gain a handful of positions and began closing in on the points. Matching the pace of the top five on track, the 2020 MotoGP World Champion continued his progress and made his way deeper into the point scoring positions. Passing the likes of Morbidelli and Augusto Fernandez, Mir pushed until the final lap to close the distance on Bezzecchi before crossing the line in 14th spot and some four seconds behind his teammate. Returning to the points, it was a confidence building result for the #36.

Now just one more stop remains on the 2023 MotoGP World Championship calendar, the Valencia GP, November 24 – 26. The weekend will not only see the World Championship decided but will also see Marc Marquez’s current sting in the Repsol Honda Team come to a close. Everyone involved remains unwaveringly committed until the end.

Marc Marquez
Marc Marquez 93
Repsol Honda Team
I’m happy about our weekend, it was a solid one and we were able to have a few high points when we thought we would struggle more. We spent most of the race behind Martin, I don’t think either of us were feeling entirely comfortable to be honest. But we got some more points and now we prepare to head to Valencia for what is going to be a very busy and of course emotional weekend. Like always, our focus is at 100% to keep working and fighting until the very last lap.

Joan Mir
Joan Mir 36
Repsol Honda Team
Today was a positive day because we had the best sensations of the weekend and finally, we were able to put together a bit of a race. My pace at various points during the GP was the same as those fighting in the top five and we were able to make up some positions, so this is good to help rebuild my confidence after a tough Saturday. I had a stronger pace than I had during all of practice and even in the last laps I was close. The overtakes during the opening laps hurt us a little bit in those last two laps but it was a fun one.

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