Race After 6 Hours
EWC 2022
Round 3

Team HRC Continue To Lead After Six Hours

jp Suzuka Circuit

After four hours, Takahashi (Team HRC) continues to lead the 2022 Suzuka 8 Hours endurance race (Suzuka 8 Hours), chased by Jonathan Rea (Kawasaki), 1 min 42.013 s behind.

Team HRC Continue To Lead After Six Hours

Kiyonari (TOHO Racing) is sixth, followed by Kunii (Honda Dream RT SAKURAI HONDA), Yuki Takahashi (Team ATJ with JAPAN POST) and Salim (Honda Asia-Dream Racing with SHOWA).

On Lap 112, Takahashi (Team HRC) hands the bike to Nagashima, spending 41.240 s off track in total. Team HRC’s pit stops are consistently faster than the regular EWC teams which are taking 42 to 43 s. The pit team’s contribution to their performance is significant.

On Lap 113, Kawasaki’s Rea hands the bike to Haslam. No repairs are made to the bike, and the stop was completely routine. #7 Yamaha’s Fritz moves up to second place, in front of Haslam. Nagashima maintains an average lap time in the 2 min 7 s rage, and increases the lead from Fritz.

On Lap 128, Nagashima laps Haslam, and continues to thread his way through the back markers.

Yamaha pits for a rider change and fuel, allowing Kawasaki to move up to second. Kiyonari moves up to fifth. Hiura (Honda Dream RT SAKURAI HONDA) is seventh, Koyama (Team ATJ with JAPAN POST) eighth, Salim ninth, and Hook (F.C.C. TSR Honda France) eleventh. F.C.C. TSR Honda France spits to change the bike’s exhaust, and after 1 min 38.398, Di Meglio rides the bike back on to the track.

On Lap 138, Lecuona takes over the Team HRC bike, returning to the track without relinquishing the lead. Kawasaki changes riders to Lowes on Lap 140. Lecouna laps in the 2 min 7 s range.

Lecuona leads on Lap 150, Hanika (Yamaha) is second, Lowes (Kawasaki) third. Kunikawa (TOHO Racing) is sixth, Hamahara (Honda Dream RT SAKURAI HONDA) seventh, Zaidi (Honda Asia-Dream Racing with SHOWA) ninth, and Di Meglio (F.C.C. TSR Honda France) eleventh. At the six hour mark, Lecuona leads, Lowes is second, and Canepa (Yamaha) is third, as second and third places switch due to pit stop timings. Kunikawa is fifth, Hiura seventh, Zaidi ninth, Itoh tenth, Di Meglio eleventh, and #54 GOSHI Racing (Reinori Kuroki / Yuto Tajiri / Takashi Yasuda) 12th. Team HRC continues to dominate.

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