BREAKING NEWS: Toni Bou, TrialGP World Champion 2022

World champion Toni Bou, the most garlanded athlete on the planet, has just added a further title to his lengthy list of titles. Today, in Italy, the Repsol Honda Team rider mathematically sealed a 16th TrialGP title, the 32nd of his world championship career.

BREAKING NEWS: Toni Bou, TrialGP World Champion 2022

In today’s trial at Ponte di Legno, Italy, the Repsol Honda Trial Team rider finished in second place, adding a new TrialGP title to his prolific list of honours, with one race to go before the end of the championship. Toni Bou currently holds 16 outdoor titles, added to a further 16 indoor titles, for a total title tally of 32.

The Montesa Cota 4RT rider has won six of the nine trials held so far this season.

Since 2007, Bou has won every world championship in which he has participated: 32 individual titles. To these we should also add his appearances with the Spanish national team in the Trial des Nations competition (world championship for national teams), where he currently holds another 16 titles.

Toni Bou has won a total of 131 of 237 races in TrialGP and 73 of 98 in X-Trial.

This information will be updated shortly to include more photos, standings and comments from the riders and team manager.

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