Dakar 2022 New Regulations - to enjoy watching the Dakar more -

As the Dakar Rally 2022 becomes part of the new FIM World Rally-Raid Championship, a number of regulations have been changed.

Dakar 2022 New Regulations - to enjoy watching the Dakar more -

Points awarded according to performance

FIM World Rally-Raid Championship points will be awarded according to performance in each Stage. For events with more than 6 stages (such as the Dakar), 1.5 times the standard points will be awarded (fractions of points rounded up). If the event stops at 50 percent or less of the planned distance, awarded points are halved.

Rejoining after failed stage

Riders and drivers can continue to compete in the Dakar even if they fail to complete the previous stage. They must rejoin at least three days before the final stage, they cannot retire more than two times, and they must be medically certified.

Ultra-light helmets banned

To ensure rider safety, helmets must weigh at least 1.1kg, and non-compliant helmets are banned.

Special qualifying stage

A special qualifying stage to determine the starting grid will take place one day before Stage 1, and will be named Stage 1 Section 1 (Stage 1A), followed by Stage 1 Selective Section (Stage 1B).

WPP (Precise Waypoint)

Precise Waypoints will be added to check if the rider is accurately following the road book course without GPS navigation. The numbers and path will only be marked in the road book, and failure to pass the waypoint will incur a 2 minute penalty.

Piston replacement

Replacing engines incurs a penalty, but opening the top of the engine to replace pistons, piston rings and piston pins will be allowed only once under the supervision of a judge.

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