Great triumph for Kevin Benavides in the Andalucia Rally

Monster Energy Honda Team claimed victory in the Andalucia Rally at the hands of Argentinean rider Kevin Benavides. Joan Barreda also posted a top-five finish.

Great triumph for Kevin Benavides in the Andalucia Rally

The final stage of the Andalucia Rally kept up the same level of intrigue and combativeness that the race had maintained throughout the week, particularly on Saturday’s 210-kilometre stage, where Kevin Benavides took the final finish-line and the overall victory in the race. Benavides, who held the field in check in today’s stage, conceding just 2’48” to the day’s winner, confirmed his position at head of the competition leaderboard. The Monster Energy Honda Team rider ends the race, leaving the nearest overall second-place rider trailing almost eight minutes behind.

Joan Barreda, who also put on a fine display of pace, finished in fifth place, gaining one position on the final day. The Spaniard won one of the stages and shows his speed on the track. José Ignacio Cornejo, the Chilean rider from Iquique posted a twelfth final position and Ricky Brabec took fourteenth. Both stressed the difficulties they had experienced adjusting to the particular Andalusian terrain.

The team, which so far in 2020, has achieved victories in the Dakar, Sonora Rally, Vegas to Reno and Andalucia Rally, will continue with further preparations ahead of the 2021 Dakar Rally.

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