HRC explains its future operational policy at a press conference

April 23, 2022 — Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) held a press conference at Suzuka circuit timely hosting the Suzuka 2&4 race in which the company’s new organization was introduced.

HRC explains its future operational policy at a press conference

Last October, HRC that had long been specialized in the motorcycle racing announced its plan to integrate Honda’s 4-wheel racing functions into HRC’s scope of work. The organizational restructure has been completed thereafter, and now, Honda’s entire motorsport activities are implemented under the renewed managerial regime of HRC as from April 1, 2022.

The press conference was attended by Koji Watanabe, President/Representative Director of HRC, Shinya Wakabayashi, Director/General Manager of Motorcycle Racing Div., Yasuaki Asaki, Managing Director/General Manager of Automobile Racing Development Div., Masaya Nagai, Director/General Manager of Business Planning & Administration Div., in which the future corporate strategy was explained as follows.

At renewed HRC, its corporate activities are conducted through a “Twin-Column” operation, that is to say, the two primary divisions, the 2-wheel racing department based in Asaka, Saitama Pref. for one, and the 4-wheel racing R&D department based in Sakura, Tochigi Pref. for another, are working closely together for mutual prospects. The 2-wheel racing department will pursue, as before, the development of racing motorcycles, the management of motorcycle racing, sales and aftercare of racing motorcycles. The 4-wheel racing R&D department, based on its parental body, HRD Sakura, will be engaged in the development of engines and chassis for autorace use.

HRC would like to fulfill, as to the corporate principle, following four tasks.

1. To further enhance the Honda brand through motorsport activities.

HRC has long been honored and enjoyed universal recognition in the motorcycle world. Making the best use of this advantage, HRC will endeavor to make its brand name penetrate also into the fields of 4-wheel racing and, at the same time, to increase the brand value of Honda.

2. To comply with Carbon Neutrality initiatives that make motorsports sustainable.

By integrating resources and organizations of both 2 & 4-wheel racing divisions, HRC will refine specific technologies for the electrification vehicle and carbon-neutralized fuel, and serve in its capacity to prosper the products of Honda as well as future technologies.

3. To commit to the activities that expand motorsport infrastructure.

HRC will further enhance educational environment such as Honda Racing School (HRS) that provides integrated training programs all through from beginners to professional levels, and produce riders/drivers who can compete in world-class racing categories. HRC will also commit to customer’s racing activities on both hard/software approaches in order to invite general motorists into racing enthusiasm.

4. To make contributions to the 2 & 4-wheel industries.

HRC will, as its 2-wheel operation marketing own brand products, also promote 4-wheel articles through mutual collaboration and appeals of the motorsport image of HRC.

In order to implement the above-mentioned four tasks, HRC will try to improve operational efficiencies as well as reciprocal utilization of technological know-hows accumulated each at 2 &4-wheel department, and at the same time, tackle motorsport activities aiming at “ever stronger racing brand.”  HRC will establish a firm foundation that will make the motorsports culture, aka Honda’s DNA, inherited for long in the future.

As for the F1 activities that had been called off since last year, HRC is providing technical supports, upon request from RedBull Power Trains supplying power units to RedBull Racing and Scuderia AlphaTauri, such as the assembly of the power unit, track-side services and other ancillary operations. Discussions of the prospective support deals are currently underway between the parties concerned.

HRC-appointed rider, Teppei Nagoshi and the same appointed driver, Tomoki Nojiri also attended this conference. Nagoshi said, “I’m proud that I could sit in the place like this, like this manner. I really expect that, through this integration in HRC between 2 & 4-wheel division, not only for the technical matters but also many other aspects will be enhanced. As a HRC rider, I personally intend to learn from my fellow drivers as much as possible.”

Nojiri echoed, “Me too, expecting much to the new HRC organization, and strongly hope core 2-wheel racing fans royal to their tribe would enjoy 4-wheel racing as well. I’d like to see such opportunities increased even further, and I’ll try my best for that. I really want to show the race that make fans feel, “New HRC is great! It’s hot! I love HRC!”

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