Honda Racing Brazil ends 2022 season with 30 titles

The team won the main national championships and races in motocross, enduro, rally and circuit racing

Honda Racing Brazil ends 2022 season with 30 titles

Honda Racing Brazil finished the 2022 season with a total of 30 titles in the main national championships and races in motocross, enduro, rally and circuit racing in Brazil. With this performance, the red squad beat last season´s numbers with a lot of hard work and dedication of the riders, team managers, mechanics and support team that are part of the Honda family.

In the Brazilian Motocross championship, Honda took the season title with Jetro Salazar in the MX1 class on board a CRF450R. Fred Spagnol won the MX2 title with the CRF250R – same model used by Maiara Basso, in the MXF, which gave Honda Racing the first women´s title in the class. In the Arena Cross, the AX1 title went to Anthony Rodriguez. “The 2022 season was peculiar. We knew we had the three best athletes in the MX1. Hector Assunção began the year with incredible superiority, but he was injured and that cost him the chance to fight for the titles. After that, Anthony had a good performance in the Brazilian Championship but ran into some problems and ended up winning the Arena Cross. Due to these facts, Jetro took over the lead and we were able to win the championship. I would like to congratulate the entire team that rode through the season without any mistakes. Now we have to repeat everything that was successful and polish the details for 2023. Working with these titles is a lot more pleasurable and motivating”, said Cale Neto, motocross team manager for MX1 and MXF.

For Frank Galvão, motocross team manager for MX2, the season was exceptional. “We started the first round winning and that´s how we ended the MX2 class. Gabriel Andrigo started the year in front and then Fred Spagnol took the lead. All the riders showed improvement during the year and the team was always on the podium. In one of them all three Honda riders were on the podium. Now we have to focus on 2023 and work hard to have good results again”, he pointed out.

The enduro team finished the season with four titles: Vinicius Calafati won the Enduro GP (overall) and the E1, with a CRF250RX; Alexandre Valadares “Brankim”, won the E4, which is for national motorcycles, with a CRF250F, while the same model was used by Bárbara Neves in her fourth title of the EF, women´s class. “We had a very special year, a renewal, with new managers, new riders, operational team members. We went through a lot of challenges and many victories. We evolved during the year without many surprises, and we made the team stronger. We finished the year very successfully”, Reinaldo Almeida, enduro team manager, concluded.

In Rally racing, Sertões was outstanding with a first-time motorcycle overall title for Bissinho, on board a CRF450RX, and the three-times championship in Moto 2. Riding the same model, the Argentinian rider Martin Duplessis made his debut for Honda Racing Brazil taking home the title in Moto 1. Tiago Wernersbach confirmed his dominance and won his second title in the Brazil class, which is exclusive for national-made motorcycles, riding a CRF250F. “The year was really positive. Martin adapted very quickly and was a great addition to the team, because besides being an excellent rider, he is a great teammate, and this is very important for rally racing. Gabriel Soares “Tomate” also had a great performance in his first year in the modality. It was an excellent season, a year to adjust the team, which is very tuned. Now we have to continue working in developing the riders and repeat last year´s good results” Dário Júlio, rally and regularity endure team manager completed.

SuperBike Brasil – In the main SuperBike Brasil class, Pedro Sampaio, a Honda-supported rider, won the circuit racing title for the second time with a CBR1000RR Fireblade SP. The event also included, for the third time, the Pro Honda CBR650R Cup, a one-make class, that was won by João Carneiro for the second consecutive season. In Honda Jr Cup, schooling class for kids and teens from eight to 16 years old, with a CG 160 Titan, Léo Marques was season champion. The schooling class celebrated its 10th season this year.

International Projects – Honda Brazil had two riders competing abroad this year again. Bruno Crivilin, with S2 Motorsport Team on a CRF250RX, represented Brazil in the Enduro World Championship. He repeated last season´s result and finished the season in 6th in the E1 class.

In the Spanish Superbike Championship, Eric Granado defended Team Honda Laglisse for the second consecutive year riding a CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP. The Brazilian rider finished the season in 10th place in the Superbike class, although he missed three races that coincided with MotoE, another competition he participates overseas.

The Honda Racing teams are sponsored by Pro Honda, ASW, Fox, Alpinestars, DID, Borilli Racing and Seguros Honda.

Honda Racing Brasil 2022 titles
1 – Motocross Brazilian Championship – MX1 class – Jetro Salazar
2 – Motocross Brazilian Championship – MX2 class – Fred Spagnol
3 – Motocross Brazilian Championship – MXF class – Maiara Basso
4 – Arena Cross –AX1 class – Anthony Rodriguez
5 – FIM Enduro Brazilian Championship – Enduro GP class – Vinicius Calafati
6 – FIM Enduro Brazilian Championship – E1 class – Vinicius Calafati
7 – FIM Enduro Brazilian Championship – E4 class – Alexandre Valadares “Brankim”
8 – FIM Enduro Brazilian Championship – EF class – Bárbara Neves
9 – Cross Country Rally Brazilian Championship – Moto 2 class – Bissinho Zavatti
10 – Cross Country Rally Brazilian Championship – Brasil class – Tiago Wernersbach
11 – Sertões Rally– Overall Motorcycles class – Bissinho Zavatti
12 – Sertões Rally – Moto 2 class – Bissinho Zavatti
13 – Sertões Rally – Moto 1 class – Martin Duplessis
14 – Sertões Rally – Brasil class – Tiago Wernersbach
15 – Baja Rally Brazilian Championship – Overall Motorcycle class – Gabriel Soares “Tomate”
16 – Baja Rally Brazilian Championship – Moto 2 class – Gabriel Soares “Tomate”
17 – Baja Rally Brazilian Championship – Moto 1 class – Bissinho Zavatti
18 – Jalapão Rally – Moto 1 class – Martin Duplessis
19 – Jalapão Rally – Brasil class – Tiago Wernersbach
20 – RN 1500 Rally – Moto 2 class – Bissinho Zavatti
21 – RN 1500 Rally – Brasil class – Tiago Wernersbach
22 – Caminhos da Neve Rally – Moto 2 class – Bissinho Zavatti
23 – Caminhos da Neve Rally – Brasil class – Tiago Wernersbach
24 – Minas Brasil Rally –  Moto 1 class – Martin Duplessis
25 – Minas Brasil Rally – Brasil class – Tiago Wernersbach
26 – Cerapió Rally – Brasil class – Tiago Wernersbach
27 – Enduro da Independência – Women´s class – Bárbara Neves
28 – Ibitipoca Off Road – Women´s class – Bárbara Neves
29 – Ibitipoca Off Road – Over 40 class – Dário Júlio
30 – SuperBike Brasil – Pro class – Pedro Sampaio

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