About HRC

About HRC



In 1954, Honda declared its entry in the Isle of Man TT Races.

It shared with the world its strong will to compete on the world stage.

The passion is still strong, as racing became a part of Honda’s DNA.


The thrill of motor sports

The thrill of winning, of achieving a goal, of participating.

Honda believes that sharing the thrill with Honda’s motor sports fans is the driving force behind Honda Racing.

Competing in the harsh world of racing,
HRC gains more than evolved and improved hardware, but
through total race management of the riders and drivers, the teams,
Honda distills its racing spirit, the core of Honda’s DNA.

Through it racing activities,
HRC will continue to share the passion and thrill with every Honda customer,
and with Honda, will continue to bring solid technologies borne of racing
to all its consumer products.

The passion behind the Tricolor HRC

Human passion to win

Advanced technology based on logic

Every motor sport-loving customer


Koji Watanabe (President) Koji Watanabe (President)

Message from Koji Watanabe, HRC President

Since its beginning, Honda is a company that grew alongside its racing activities, developing its associates and technologies through motor sports. Racing is Honda’s DNA, and I believe that contributing to motor sports is Honda Racing’s mission.

As we face major environmental changes and transition to a carbon neutral society, Honda considered what the optimal approach for motor sports to continue to be Honda’s strength into the future. The answer is to merge the four-wheel racing division into HRC, formerly a two-wheel racing company.

By combining the technologies and knowhow gained by both the two- and four-wheel racing divisions, better racing machines can be built and higher quality race management becomes possible, bringing more dreams and excitement to motor sports fans all over the world. At the same time, HRC will expand its horizons to nurture the next generation riders and drivers, and enrich motor sports activities that fans can participate in.

On top of that, HRC will work hand in hand with Honda to ensure the technologies and knowhow gained through racing make their way into our consumer products and services.

Business Activities

Participating in Races Worldwide

Since its Isle of Man TT Declaration in 1954, Honda has participated in a wide range of two-wheeled races. A decade after the declaration, Honda raced in its first Formula 1 grand prix, in 1964. The next year Honda won its first Formula 1 race in the final round, and since then has won countless prestigious titles in both two- and four-wheel racing.

Honda Racing is a company made of motor sports specialists, all with a strong passion to race. Through its racing activities all over the world, knowhow is gained to develop better racing machines, which is then fed back to Honda. Pursuing the possibilities of motor sports, and sharing the thrill with the world: Keeping the flame of Honda’s challenging spirit alight down the generations is, we believe, HRC’s mission.

Bringing the Joy of Racing To All

Sharing the thrill of motor sports with more and more people is one of Honda Racing’s important roles. Providing customers with commercial racing machines, developed with the knowhow gained through racing all over the world, at a reasonable price. HRC enjoys strong support from many amateur rider customers. HRC is also involved in grass roots activities such as supporting semi-factory satellite teams, organizing and supporting programs to nurture the future top riders and drivers, and organizing one-make races, in order to contribute to the healthy development of motor sports in general.

HRC has 30 service centers around Japan, providing a wide range of products and services especially for the racing user, such as racing machines and kit components, machine setup information, and troubleshooting support. Track service is also available for onsite machine setup advice at the racing track. HRC supports many, many customers’ racing activities (available for two-wheel machines as at April 1, 2022).)

In addition, HRC holds seminars for motorcycle riders teaching the right riding techniques to race safely.

Company Overview

Company name

Honda Racing Corporation


September 1, 1982


320,000,000 Japanese Yen


Koji Watanabe (President)


3-15-1 Senzui, Asaka-shi, Saitama, Japan