Moto3 2024
Round 9

Furusato Secures Second Place at Sachsenring

de Sachsenring

The Honda Team Asia riders successfully completed the ninth race of the Moto3 World Championship at the Sachsenring.

Furusato Secures Second Place at Sachsenring

Taiyo Furusato delivered a stellar performance, finishing in second place and contending for victory until the very last moment. The Japanese rider skillfully navigated the race's challenges, showcasing his exceptional talent. Meanwhile, Thai rookie Tatchakorn Buasri faced a demanding race and ultimately secured the 22nd position.

Hiroshi Aoyama
Hiroshi Aoyama
Honda Team Asia
Taiyo Furusato started from 8th position and Tatchakorn Buasri from 24th. Finally Furusato finished on the podium, achieving a great second place. He was all the time catching or overtaking other riders, he managed quite well all the scenarios in the race. He had chance to win but at the end he managed to be second. In the last lap he did a little mistake and lost a bit, but this are the small details that once we work on it he will keep improving as a rider.

At the end it was a quite positive weekend finishing in the podium. Buasri finished in 22th position the race, catching up his pace. It’s clear that both team and rider need to improve and develop some changes, but we’re on the good way and at some moment the efforts will give results. I would like to thank the riders, sponsors, stuff and supporters for always be there with us. Let’s hope things going even better in the next race in Silverstone.

Taiyo Furusato
Taiyo Furusato 72
Honda Team Asia
I’m really happy with today's results. To be honest, we didn't expect to be contending for the victory. Our realistic target wasn't even a podium finish, so securing second place at Sachsenring feels incredible. However, knowing how the race unfolded, I am a bit mad because I had a chance to win. Small mistakes can make a big difference.

I was involved in some situations that caused me to lose time, but I managed to catch up with Alonso, and the battle was thrilling. It was a good race overall, but on the last lap, I made a mistake. I opened the throttle a bit more than I should have and lost some ground. Despite that, finishing on the podium is always a positive outcome. I want to thank my team for their effort and hard work. We are on the right path, and I can't wait for the next race.

Tatchakorn Buasri
Tatchakorn Buasri 5
Honda Team Asia
Today was a tough race. I gave everything I had, but unfortunately, the result wasn't what the team and I had hoped for. We are working hard to find ways to close the gap with the leading riders, but it wasn't possible here at Sachsenring.

We are riding faster, and I am confident that we will continue to reduce the gap in the upcoming races. I want to thank the entire team for their effort, and I promise to give my all in the next race at Silverstone.

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