Moto3 2024
Round 4

Hard work did not pay off in Jerez

es Circuito de Jerez - Ángel Nieto

The fourth race of the Moto3 World Championship ended at the Circuito de Jerez - Ángel Nieto.

Hard work did not pay off in Jerez

Japanese rider Taiyo Furusato after making a magnificent comeback and climbing up to 9 places in the race, ran out of energy in the final part of the race and finished the race in 17th position. While the Thai rookie Tatchakorn Buasri was in the fight with the group, but after a long time exchanging overtakes with other riders, he finished in 24th position.

Hiroshi Aoyama
Hiroshi Aoyama
Honda Team Asia
In today's Moto3 race, Taiyo and Tachakorn made a decent start despite beginning from 21st and 25th on the grid. They both put in a lot of effort to move up the field, but it was tough going.
Taiyo had a real battle on his hands trying to catch up with the pack. At one point, he managed to push into 12th place, giving us hope for a stronger finish. However, towards the end of the race, he struggled to keep up with the pace and slipped back to 17th. We'll need to work out how to help him maintain his speed throughout the race.
Meanwhile, Tachakorn maintained a consistent pace throughout the race. However, he found himself stuck behind other riders who were also putting in strong performances. Despite his best efforts to pass them, he couldn't make much headway and ended up finishing where he started. It's disappointing, but we'll use the testing session on Tuesday to make improvements and prepare ourselves better for the next race in Le Mans.

Taiyo Furusato
Taiyo Furusato 72
Honda Team Asia
I was feeling positive today, especially during the first half of the race. It was clear that we're making progress, and the bike felt much better compared to yesterday. I'm really pleased with the team's performance - their effort and hard work have been outstanding. We made a solid start from 21st on the grid and managed to climb up to 12th, which was a great achievement.
However, things took a turn for the worse in the last five laps and I couldn't maintain my pace. It's disappointing because we were in contention to score some points here in Jerez. Nevertheless, there are still positives to take from this race. We'll focus on the improvements we can make during Tuesday's test session and keep pushing forward. Let's stay committed and aim for a better result in the next race.

Tatchakorn Buasri
Tatchakorn Buasri 5
Honda Team Asia
Today in Jerez I feel like we've made some real progress compared to my last races in Portugal and Qatar. The gap between me and the rest of the riders is getting smaller, and now I can actually compete in the group instead of riding solo.
This feels like a small but significant step forward in my development. The team put in a lot of hard work this weekend, and I'm really happy with their efforts. We finally found the right setup, and I'm pleased with how they supported me. It's great to see that the team was happy with my performance too - their support means a lot to me.
We'll have to wait and see how things go in the next race, but one thing's for sure: I'm committed to improving every day.

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