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Bad luck for Furusato at the AmericasGP

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Honda Team Asia's Japanese rider Taiyo Furusato was the team's only representative in the third race of the Moto3 World Championship at the Circuit Of The Americas due to the absence of Tatchakorn Buasri due to prevention.

Bad luck for Furusato at the AmericasGP

Furusato made a masterful start to the race, avoiding a number of crashes and climbing up the field to a podium position. An unfortunate crash when he collided with another rider from behind meant that Furusato's hopes were dashed and his race ended prematurely. It was a pity as the Japanese rider had shown a strong race pace and was in contention to achieve his second podium finish of the season.

Hiroshi Aoyama
Hiroshi Aoyama
Honda Team Asia
This Moto3 race has been quite disappointing due to the result we obtained today. Taiyo showed remarkable competitiveness throughout the race. He started strongly, skillfully avoiding several crashes ahead of him and executing some impressive overtakes to secure a position in the leading group, contending for podium spots.

He steadily climbed positions, riding with great competitiveness. Furusato demonstrated a strong pace, and we believe that if he hadn't crashed, he could have achieved a notable result in Austin. Being part of the leading group, it's hard to miss out on such an opportunity like this one, as he was so strong.

However, such incidents are inherent to racing. The positive aspect is that we were competitive; we were in the zone, fighting for podium positions. Therefore, we'll focus on extracting the positive things from this race and maintain our concentration on upcoming races. I want to extend my gratitude to our team, supporters, and sponsors. While we didn't achieve the desired result in America, I believe there are still valuable lessons to be learned from this race. Let's see how things going in the next Grand Prix in Spain.

Taiyo Furusato
Taiyo Furusato 72
Honda Team Asia
It's truly disappointing that I crashed during today's race. I ended up colliding with another rider who unexpectedly slowed down much more than I anticipated in the corner, causing me to hit on their tire. I feel a deep sense of regret and disappointment because I was really in sync with the bike and feeling strong during the race.

I was right there in the leading group, just as we had planned, and I genuinely believed I could have overtaken even more riders and contended for a podium finish. Looking at it objectively, it wasn't a bad weekend overall considering how good I felt with the bike and my performance. However, in racing, the race result is what truly matters.

Nevertheless, it's crucial to stay positive. There's no time to regret; instead, we need to shift our focus to the next race and channel our energy into preparing for the next one in Spain.

Tatchakorn Buasri
Tatchakorn Buasri 5
Honda Team Asia
Today, I wasn't feeling physically 100% to ride, so after discussions with the team, we collectively decided that it was best for me not to participate in this AmericasGP. My primary focus now is on recovering fully and being in peak condition for the next race in Jerez.

I want to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who has sent me messages of support during the last hours. Your encouragement means a lot to me, and I assure you that I'll put in the work necessary to return to the track at 100% for the upcoming races.

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