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Ups and downs during Qualifying at the CatalanGP

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The Honda Team Asia riders completed the Qualifying day at the Circuit of Barcelona – Catalunya.

Ups and downs during Qualifying at the CatalanGP

Taiyo Furusato reached 4th position on the grid, but in the last session of practice he got a long lap penalty which will affect the race of tomorrow. Tatchakorn Buasri showed some improvements and managed to finish in 22th position. Meanwhile the wildcard Fadillah Arbi Aditama will start the race from the 27th position.

Hiroshi Aoyama
Hiroshi Aoyama
Honda Team Asia
All the riders are showing some improvements on a second day of action at the Circuit of Barcelona – Catalunya. Taiyo made a step forward compared to yesterday. He did a really good job and managed to be in fourth position on the grid, which is a great result. 

We are happy to see the improvements, but we also received a long lap penalty for Taiyo, as he stopped a rider in the second practice session of this morning.  This means he will have to do a long lap tomorrow, which is not the best case scenario.

Meanwhile Tatchakorn finished in 22nd position, which is an improvement – he might have been able to make it even faster, but compared to other races, we can definitely say it  was a positive qualifying session for us. Let’s see what we can achieve. I think the riders are ready to have a good performance and I hope we can achieve the best possible results. 

For Fadillah Arbi Aditama it was a tough qualifying session, as he had to be together with different type of riders from what he normally is used to in JuniorGP.  He couldn’t make his best lap time. In any case, this was another great experience for him and I hope tomorrow he can learn more from the faster riders, which will help him in future. 

Taiyo Furusato
Taiyo Furusato 72
Honda Team Asia
Today was a mix of different emotions for me. On one hand, we got the direct access to the Qualifying 2 and the pace was good. I reached the 4th position - we didn’t expect to be on such a good level this weekend, so it makes me very happy. We’re having a really good feeling with the bike as well.
Unfortunately, on the other hand, I received a long lap penalty for second practice session this morning. It was my mistake, I will try to fix this, and tomorrow I will do my best to go in the front at catch the leading group. We’re optimistic because we have a good pace. We will try to achieve nice results for tomorrow.

Tatchakorn Buasri
Tatchakorn Buasri 5
Honda Team Asia
Today I feel happy with my performance, but I think there’s still room for improvement. The feeling with the bike and with my riding style is way better, we’re improving day by day – this is something we should be happy about.
Even though the result was not the desired one, as I am starting from 22th position, the aim is to make a really good start and push as hard as I can from the beginning. My target is to get into the fight, and I will give my everything to finish in a good position.

Fadillah Arbi Aditama
Fadillah Arbi Aditama 93
Honda Team Asia
Today, during morning session I spoke with the team which helped me to feel more comfortable with the bike. We did a step forward, but during qualifying, even though I felt confident, I couldn’t achieve the desired result. 

For me it was a tough qualifying session as it is a bit different from what I’m used to in JuniorGP. Even though I made mistakes in the first few laps, I managed to have improved timing later in the session. Unfortunately, another rider hit me, which made me lose the front and go wide – I couldn’t make my best time after this setback. I’m still feeling confident with my speed, so let’s see if I can show improvements during tomorrow’s race.

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