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Round 7

Taiyo Furusato Narrowly Misses Podium Finish in Strong Performance at Mugello

it Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello

The Honda Team Asia completed the seventh race of the Moto3 World Championship at the Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello.

Taiyo Furusato Narrowly Misses Podium Finish in Strong Performance at Mugello

Japanese rider Taiyo Furusato delivered an impressive performance, finishing 4th after leading the race at several points and contending for a podium spot until the final moments. Thai rider Tatchakorn Buasri finished 22nd, battling to enter the points zone throughout the race.

Hiroshi Aoyama
Hiroshi Aoyama
Honda Team Asia
We have just concluded the race at Mugello. Taiyo Furusato delivered a great performance, securing 4th place. He had a remarkable start, quickly gaining several positions. Despite a race interruption due to a crash involving other riders, Furusato maintained his momentum after the restart.
Throughout the race, Furusato fiercely competed for a podium spot, even leading at various moments of the race. His performance was outstanding, but unfortunately, in the final two laps, he lost the gap with the riders in front, ultimately finishing 4th in a commendable effort.
Tatchakorn Buasri gave his best, though he needs to take another step to close the gap with the leading riders and reach the points zone. He is working diligently, and we are confident in his progress. The team is also putting in significant effort to achieve better results in the near future. We remain committed to analyzing key areas for improvement and focusing on better outcomes in upcoming races.

Taiyo Furusato
Taiyo Furusato 72
Honda Team Asia
Today even the result was okay, if I’m totally honest I feel a little bit disappointed, as we were very strong from the beginning and we could achieve better things. It's hard to manage finish so close to the podium, but I did my best and gave everything I had to achieve a better result.
We had a good start, and even after the race was interrupted, we maintained our strong performance.
Unfortunately, in the last laps, I couldn't catch up to the top riders and lost the gap with them. However, we are on the right way, let’s keep this good moment and fight for important things in Assen.

Tatchakorn Buasri
Tatchakorn Buasri 5
Honda Team Asia
Today was a challenging race at the Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello. I was in the group fighting, and we were in a good position. However, a rider crashed in front of me, and as I tried to avoid him, I lost the gap with the riders ahead. From that moment, it was very difficult to catch up to the riders in front of me.
Additionally, when I was trying to close the gap, another rider blocked me, forcing me off my path and further stopping my progress. Despite my efforts, I couldn't reach the group again. I hope for a better result in the next race at Assen. We will work hard in the coming weeks to be fully prepared for the next challenge.

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