Moto2 2024
Round 6

Challenging Saturday for Moto2 riders in Barcelona

es-ct Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

The IDEMITSU Honda Team Asia completed the qualifying day at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya with mixed results.

Challenging Saturday for Moto2 riders in Barcelona

Somkiat Chantra demonstrated notable improvement from the previous day during the final practice session. However, a few mistakes during the qualifying session have positioned him to start tomorrow’s race from 16th place. In contrast, Mario Aji showcased considerable strength and appears fully recovered from his recent arm pump surgery and he took a notable 27th position.

Hiroshi Aoyama
Hiroshi Aoyama
IDEMITSU Honda Team Asia
During today's Moto2 qualifying session, Mario Aji made notable progress while Somkiat Chantra faced frustration. The team worked hard, and Mario made some steps forward to the 27th position on the grid. Chantra, who had shown promising lap times in the morning, encountered a few errors during qualifying that prevented him from achieving his best time.

As a result, Chantra will start from the 16th position on the grid. Although this is a challenging starting position, Chantra has expressed confidence in his bike and his performance throughout the weekend. The team is optimistic about catching up with the leading group in tomorrow’s race. We look forward to seeing how many positions our riders can gain.

Somkiat Chantra
Somkiat Chantra 35
IDEMITSU Honda Team Asia
Today in the qualifying day in the Circuit de Barcelona – Catalunya we started well the day, we fixed the setup of the bike compared from yesterday, and the path was good during last practice session, we felt some improvement compared with yesterday. 

This progress allowed us to go straight to Qualifying 2. However, during Q2, despite pushing hard, I made some mistakes and didn't achieve the desired lap time. I feel confident about our path and will try my best to get a good result from here. 

Mario Aji
Mario Aji 34
IDEMITSU Honda Team Asia
Today has been a positive day. Despite feeling down after yesterday's crash, we worked hard and got back on track. The team did an excellent job with the bike's setup, and their confidence in me boosted my performance.

I’m pleased with the feedback from qualifying. Although we couldn't complete all the laps we wanted, it felt great to ride confidently again after the surgery. Yesterday was tough, but today we regained our rhythm and feeling, which motivates me for tomorrow's race. The team is also optimistic about our chances, and I can’t wait to race tomorrow.

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