Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup

IATC 2023 Review: Pratama Becomes First Indonesian IATC Champion with 9 Wins out of 12

The Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup (IATC), a gateway series for young riders from Asia and Oceania aspiring to MotoGP, had one additional race in 2023, bringing the total to a pre-COVID six round / 12 race season.

IATC 2023 Review: Pratama Becomes First Indonesian IATC Champion with 9 Wins out of 12

Rookie Takahira Wins Season-opener

The opening round of the IATC was held in August at the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia. In Race 1, 14-year-old rookie Riichi Takahira pulled away from the lead pack  mid-race, but Veda Pratama, third last year, was quick to close in on him. With two laps to go, the battle for the lead became a duel between Takahira and Pratama. Takahira crossed the line  0.113 seconds ahead to mark his IATC debut with a win.

In Race 2, Takahira and Pratama again battled for the lead, but this time Pratama was victorious. Rookie rider Zen Mitani, like Takahira, also performed will in his debut race, finishing on the podium in third place in both races 1 and 2.

Riichi Takahira at Round 1, Malaysia
Riichi Takahira at Round 1, Malaysia

Round 2, Japan, was held at Honda's home track, Mobility Resort Motegi. Race 1 got off to a turbulent start with four riders crashing at the first turn. The winner of the close race, in which positions changed at every turn, was Pratama who started from sixth grid, with Mitani second and Amon Odaki third.

In Race 2, Pratama won a close battle with Odaki on the final lap to take the win. While Takahira and Odaki retired due to crashes, Shinya Ezawa followed in second place, and Jakkreephat Phuettisan third for his first podium.

Veda Pratama at Round 2, Japan
Veda Pratama at Round 2, Japan

Pratama, Phuettisan Winners at Home Rounds

In Round 3 at the Mandarica International Circuit, local Indonesian hero Pratama won both races, marking his fifth consecutive win from Race 2 in the opening round.

In Round 4, Race 1 in Thailand, Pratama was in the lead of a five-rider field when he collided with Ezawa, who had tried to cut inside at the final turn on the last lap. He was able to avoid falling, but his winning streak came to an end with a fifth place finish. Phuettisan won the closely contested Race 1, his first win of the season in his home country.

In Race 2, pole-sitter Pratama won and leaped closer toward the title, with Odaki behind in second and Phuettisan third.

Jakkreephat Phuettisan at Round 4, Thailand
Jakkreephat Phuettisan at Round 4, Thailand

Pratama Takes the IATC Title Before the Final Round

In Race 1 of Round 5 in Malaysia, title contender Pratama crashed on the second lap, leaving the battle for the lead between Ezawa and Odaki. On the last lap, Odaki took the lead at the braking point on the final turn, securing his first victory since the opening round last season.

In Race 2, Pratama was off to a good start, from fifth grid to the lead by Turn 4. From mid-race, he defended his lead to the end, becoming the first Indonesian rider to win the IATC championship, with the final round remaining.

Veda Pratama at Round 5, Malaysia
Veda Pratama at Round 5, Malaysia

In the sixth and final round in Qatar, Pratama again completely dominated, winning nine out of the 12 races. Odaki moved up five places compared to 2022 to second overall, and rookie Ryota Ogiwara third with consecutive podium finishes in the last three races.


Pos. Rider Num. Team Constr. Pts
1 Veda PRATAMA 7 - Honda 256
2 Amon ODAKI 14 - Honda 153
3 Ryota OGIWARA 16 - Honda 150
4 Jakkreephat PHUETTISAN 20 - Honda 148
5 Zen MITANI 2 - Honda 141
6 Riichi TAKAHIRA 9 - Honda 128
7 Shinya EZAWA 21 - Honda 109
8 Hamad AL-SAHOUTI 23 - Honda 76
9 Farish HAFIY 19 - Honda 71
10 Marianos NIKOLIS 12 - Honda 67
11 Farres PUTRA 8 - Honda 52
12 Hafizd RASYADAN 18 - Honda 41
13 Chessy MEILANDRI 5 - Honda 41
14 Levi RUSSO 6 - Honda 38
15 Kiattisak SINGHAPONG 24 - Honda 36
16 Reykat FADILAH 16 - Honda 31
17 Ahmad DARWISY 17 - Honda 30
18 Burapa WANMOON 10 - Honda 18
19 Sarthak CHAVAN 11 - Honda 13
20 Adi PUTRA 3 - Honda 13
21 Jorge RAPHAEL GADING 13 - Honda 10
22 Kiandra RAMADHIPA 22 - Honda 9
23 Decksa ALMER 24 - Honda 8
24 Mohammed BINLADIN 22 - Honda 8
25 Jorge Raphael GADING 13 - Honda 8
26 Reykat FADILLAH 15 - Honda 7
27 Kitsada TANACHOT 22 - Honda 1

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