40 Years of HRC

The Racing Gene It’s in our blood

Honda is a company that has grown up with racing since its founding and has refined its people and skills through racing. Racing is in Honda's DNA, and we believe that it is Honda Racing's mission to liven up motorsports.

HRC 40th
Ayumu Iwasa finishes a stormy race in 3rd, only to face a regrettable disqualification after post-race scrutineering Starting from 4th, Ayumu Iwasa struggles with the balance of his car and finishes 16th after failing to pick up the pace Starting from 5th, Ayumu Iwasa finishes on the podium in 3rd after a stormy race with a red flag and three SC interventions Iwasa starts the race in 6th and regains the same position on the final lap to finish the race Starting from 13th, Ayumu Iwasa moves up late in the race to finish 8th. Gains 4 points to remain 7th in the championship
HRC 40th

FIA Formula 2