F1 2023

Honda RBPTH001

The Honda RBPTH001 is the first Formula 1 Power Unit created from the deepened collaboration between Honda and Red Bull Powertrains, named for 2023 as Honda RBPT.

Honda RBPTH001

Engine development has been frozen from the 2022 season for four complete seasons until the end of 2025, which means the Honda RBPTH001 follows on from the World Championship winning PU which powered Max Verstappen and Oracle Red Bull Racing to the Formula 1 Drivers’ and Constructors’ World Championship titles in 2022.

Since 2014 and reflecting a move away from fossil fuels, Formula 1 has mixed the power of a petrol driven Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) with Energy Recovery Systems (ERS) resulting in what is a hybrid Power Unit (PU.) Massively powerful and highly efficient, it truly is the heart and soul of a modern-day Formula 1 racing car.

Powering the Oracle Red Bull Racing RB19, from the very start of the 2023 Formula 1 season it’s proved an incredibly potent package.



Manufacturer: Honda RBPT (Red Bull Powertrains)


Engine name: Honda RBPTH001


Configuration: 90° V6 with Turbocharger, MGU-K and MGU-H


Engine displacement: 1,600 cc (98 cu in)


Weight: 150kg


Max RPM: 15,000 RPM