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Round 2

Team HRC takes the second podium in FIM E-Xplorer

no Oslo

After a day full of difficulties and obstacles, Team HRC managed to secure second place in the team standings

Team HRC takes the second podium in FIM E-Xplorer

Today, in the stunning land of fjords and rugged mountains of Norway, the eagerly awaited second round of the FIM E-Xplorer World Championship took place. On a day full of thrills and adrenaline, spectators witnessed a spectacle in a ground-breaking race where electric motorbikes are increasingly making their mark in the industry and are probably destined to change the game in the world of motorbike racing.

With an exciting format featuring three male and three female heats, each lasting eight minutes, the riders faced a demanding challenge in a terrain that demands the best from them and their machines. The new CR ELECTRIC PROTO is the eye of all eyes every time it takes to the track because of its aesthetics and the good performance it is showing during these 2 days of the championship.

The day began with a free practice, so that the competitors could get a feel for the bike and make the final adjustments to their bikes. First of all, the female competitors took to the track. Everything was going normally until, during a double jump, Francesca Nocera did not achieve the desired distance and suffered a huge fall. She immediately had to leave the round to receive medical attention. The medical teams acted quickly, carrying out a series of tests in the mobile unit to confirm that, fortunately, she had not suffered any serious injuries. However, as a precautionary measure, she was taken to hospital for further assessment. Despite the shocking mishap, the Italian rider showed unwavering determination and expressed her willingness to return to compete in the three rounds of racing scheduled for the afternoon.

In the men’s category, the qualifying round was dominated by Tosha Schareina and his CR Electric Proto, who took first place from the start. This outstanding performance gave Schareina the advantage to choose his grid position for the main race.

With 3 heats of 8 minutes for each rider, Francesca Nocera was soon after arriving from the hospital to put on her race suit and head to the start line. The Italian rider left everyone speechless for her determination despite having suffered a serious fall a few hours earlier, she was in second position for much of the 1st round until she suffered a mishap in the area of the trunks that made her lose quite a few positions. Then began the men’s race with a not very good start for Tosha, but that did not prevent the Valencian started to climb positions demonstrating a great handling with his CR Electric Proto. He finally finished in 2nd position.

In the second heat Francesca was quite regular during the 8 minutes finishing in 3rd position behind Tanja Schlosser who has shown a great level of form and the Spanish Sandra Gomez. However in the men’s round the same situation as in the first round was repeated, with Even Heibye very consistent and Tosha finishing again in 2nd place.

The last round took its toll on Francesca, who was in pain from the fall and made a great sacrifice to try to finish as well as possible. Tosha Schareina, on the other hand, had a great last round with a spectacular start and was in first place from the beginning to the end of the round.

After a day full of difficulties and obstacles, Team HRC managed to secure second place in the team standings.

Thanks to the exceptional engineering and design work carried out by the brand Honda. Their performance on the track not only stood out for its speed and agility, but also for its reliability, a crucial factor in such a demanding competition.

In addition to the impressive performance of the riders, the organisation of the event deserves special recognition for its impeccable work. From the logistical planning to the management of safety on the track, the organisation ensured that the event ran smoothly, allowing the riders to concentrate solely on giving their best.

The reception of the event in Norway was outstanding, with a huge turnout of motorcycling enthusiasts filling the stands to cheer on their favourite riders. This vibrant atmosphere contributed to an atmosphere of celebration and excitement, further cementing the FIM E-Xplorer World Championship as one of the top sporting events on the international calendar.

With the second round of the championship coming to an end, expectations for the upcoming races in France, Switzerland and India are at an all-time high.

Ruben Faria
Ruben Faria
Team HRC
Round 2 finished in Oslo, two days with very good weather and a real supercross circuit with a small enduro part. If all the races are like this, it seems to me a good bet from the organisation.

Francesca crashed in qualifying and had to go to the hospital, a pity because she suffered a big impact and went out to win some points. In spite of everything she showed great courage.

Tosha did very well in the enduro section of the race and rode a very solid race. We are still leading the championship but we are still learning because everything is new for us.

We would like to thank the work of the whole team and the sponsors, without them we could not be here

Tosha Schareina
Tosha Schareina 68
Team HRC
I think the overall was good after a difficult day. We have been improving round by round. The first two rounds I didn't have a good start but I fought until the end.

The great protagonist is Francesca who, after the crash, I don't know how she was able to get back on the bike and the whole team is very grateful to her.

Francesca Nocera
Francesca Nocera 443
Team HRC
It was very difficult for me, I had a big crash in qualifying after a great lap in practice. I tried to do my best in the conditions I could. In the end we managed to get a podium as a team and that's very important. Now it's time for a good recovery and to try to come back as soon as possible.

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