Race 2
ARRC 2024
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Izdihar wins and a double podium in race 2, Thailand

cn Chang International Circuit
Izdihar wins and a double podium in race 2, Thailand

In the warm up session this morning our riders had time to try their new plan, and it looked like they were ready for Race 2. In the afternoon on track it was hotter than yesterday, and the race was also super exciting again. Andi did a great start and was fighting in top 3 up and down with Nakarin and rivals. On the final lap Andi could make a big gap and took the checkered flag as Winner of the race. During the race, Nakarin was fighting and pushing his best to finish with in third. For Zaqhwan, he couldn't start to the front but was fighting in the next group to get 6th position. In both of Race 1 & 2, our 3 riders could show their performance to have the potential to be championship contenders in 2024.


Andi Farid Izdihar #23 – Race 2: Win

"Finally, we could win in race 2 I am so happy and thanks so much to the team all the staff & mechanics for doing an amazing job! They worked really hard to prepare everything to get ready for the race. So, I just want to say thank you and looking forward for the next Race!"

Nakarin Atiratphuvapat #41 – Race 2: Position 3

"In the Warm up session, I was confident with the front medium tyre because in Race 1, I had no grip on corners and also less preload for support when temperature coming high. 

In the race I made a mistake in the first corner then just focused on my pace to control tyre grip. In the last 3 laps I attacked more but the top group was still going hard. Hafiz was strong in braking point - I tried to pass him in the last corner, but didn't have enough speed so to finish on the podium I am ok and happy for results. Next round I will try harder."

Zaqhwan Zaidi #21 –Race 2 : Position 6

"So today's Race 2 wasn't my best result to get 6th position. I am not happy today. I was not able to show my potential this race because I was struggling with bike. Anyway, I want to thank the team for the hard work. I will comeback stronger for the next round. Thanks for all support."

Makoto Tamada -HADR Team Manager

"We would like to thank SHOWA and all the team sponsors. I would like to thank all the team staff, riders and mechanics. It was the first race with the new CBR1000RR-R and there was pressure on three riders and the team.

However, today’s Race 2, Andi won the race. Nakarin is also a rookie, but he took the checkered flag in 3rd place. Zaqhwan had a tough time this week but finished in 3rd place yesterday. In the next round, Zhuhai, We will be stronger and take on the challenge of racing."

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